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Dome Lights

Dome Lights are available in the following sizes:
DL - Monster Series

DL - Monster Series Dome Lights
Spectrum Illumination Monster Series Dome Lights are the largest standard product dome lights in the Machine Vision Lighting Market. We have standard sizes up to 29.25" (743mm) diameter and the DL180 offers up to 4 independent color channels (including UV and IR). Monster Dome Lights leverage our Monster LED's to provide the most light possible for your image acquisition needs. Dome Lights are used to create even lighting on shiny or uneven surfaces. Dome Lights are built using a molded fiberglass hemisphere to reflect multi angle light onto the field of view. Because the light is coming from multiple angles, the image from a shiny or uneven surface will not have any hotspots or shadows. Every light is designed in a heavy duty industrial enclosure. Monster Dome Lights can also be used with Monster Diffused Axial Lights to eliminate the appearance of the camera viewing port of the dome on mirrored surfaces. The Monster Dome Lights are supplied with our DIN rail mount 24 volt DC High Speed LDM (LED Driver Module) Adapter and a 4 meter 5 pin reverse keyed M12 Eurofast quick disconnect cable. The LDM Adapter has both PNP and NPN strobe inputs with a 3 microsecond response time and is also available with an optional variable potentiometer control or 0-10VDC analog control.

Typical Installation

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Monster Series Dome Light High Power Option
Monster Dome Lights are also available in a high output version (call for model part number). These are the brightest Dome Lights in the Machine Vision Industry. This model can be run continuous but we recommend a 50% duty cycle to extend the life of the LED's.

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